Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Hale, Senior Pastor
The Church has left the building…
Taking it to the Streets

Dr. Hale

Precious People,

During our program planning retreat, the Lord spoke to the staff in a way that we could not ignore or deny. The excitement that filled our meeting was indescribable. God made clear that if we are serious about fulfilling the vision He gave us as a church 20 years ago, we would need to leave the building. How can we significantly impact and transform this present world while seated comfortably in a sanctuary?

It is important for us to enter the sanctuary in the house of the Lord to worship and adore Him, to pray and receive the preached Word, and to give ourselves to Him and one another in fellowship. However, the time spent in the church is much like the huddle during a football game.  The huddle is the time when the players put their heads together to strategize and receive instructions about the next play. The time we spend in the church is the huddle; it is not the game.

We enter into the church to worship, but we depart to serve. The theme for our life together for 2010 is “The Church has left the building… Taking it to the Streets.”

We will be going to the schools to partner with them and pray for an end to the violence, the protection of our children, teachers, and staff. It is our hope that Healthcare Reform will soon be passed in Congress, but in the meantime, we will provide healthcare through a monthly Hope through Health Clinic for those in need. People need food, clothing, and shelter. People need assistance with finding jobs. Additionally, single parents need specific attention to those things that concern them as they seek to raise their children and maintain their own sense of self in a healthy way. Wherever the need is, that is where you will find us.

We are leaving the building and taking ministry to the streets. As Jesus made clear to us in Acts 1:8, we have received power now that the Holy Spirit has come on us and we are to be his witnesses in Decatur, DeKalb County, the State of Georgia, the United States of America, and to the ends of the earth. Don’t waste your power and please don’t get left or locked in the building.

Love you madly, I’m out of here!

Pastor Hale
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